Half-Marathon; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body

Wow this is an amazing read! Such great passion and such a true story that I can relate to. It kind of made me tear up a little bit but that’s good because that’s the kind of stories I love, they need to make you feel something. Great piece, I think everyone should read it, plus it totally made me want to go out side and run! ahhh motivation!

The Z-Axis

I’ve never told anyone these things. My parents, my sister, my friends – no one. So heads up. You’re the first to know.

For the last few years, I have grown, slowly but steadily, to despise the way my body looks.

When I was a kid, I was always told how skinny I was. I didn’t break fifty pounds until I was eight years old. In high school I was always the smallest – height and weight – of my friends. I grew up knowing, somehow, intuitively, that ‘being skinny’ was something good, that it was something I should maintain. In high school, that belief was confirmed and reinforced by magazines, friends who were constantly ‘dieting’, and my school’s insistence on athletic rigor and social ostracism of students who didn’t fit the body ideal. But I was always warned that, as a woman, ‘my time would come’, I would have kids…

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Hair Care–Vidal Sasson

If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with my hair, and I dye it more than an old man changes his diaper. I go through so many different hair dressers, and box dyes that I had spent way to much money and was never happy with the outcome.
I like to be different, well at least I try. So I’m always scanning Pinterest and Tumblr to find all different hair colors to try out. I’ve always done red’s because my hair natural has a red tint to it. But I’ve recently come across a color I never thought I could pull off…purple. And I don’t mean purple like Kelly Osbourn’s hair, but more of a deep purple. Since I have plain, light brown hair, i’ve found it’s very difficult to get the color I’m really looking for. Even going to a hair dresser, they make it look black with a purple tint, and box dye isn’t strong enough to even make a difference on my hair.
One day I saw a commercial for Vidal Sasson’s new hair care line. I’ve never tried that brand before, but the new color, London Lilac 5VR, is the perfect blend of purple that I have been looking for! So I went to Sally’s, got a bleach and a developer, slightly covered my hair with it (because bleach will ruin your hair, so I didn’t apply too much) washed it out, and did 2 boxes of the London Lilac 5vr. The result…ahhhmazing! My picture is above. Now, my whole head didn’t turn out the same color because of the way I applied the bleach, but I ended up liking it this way a lot better. It turned out to be a purple ombre, deep purple at my roots running into a lighter color, similar to the one on the box.
I highly recommend this brand, for multiple reasons. First, afterwards my hair smelled amazing and was softer than silk. Second, they provide a large amount of post-wash conditioner. For someone who has a lot of hair, this is a major plus. Because most boxes give you a small bottle that can’t even cover half your hair. Lastly, because I only needed one box, but bought two. Most box dyes do not supply enough, so I always get two. But with Vidal, I had plenty.
Don’t spend a lot of money on dying your hair! Take your time and do it yourself, you save money and you learn how your hair can handle dye!
Here’s the final product!
Happy Obsessing!

What’s the Obsession: Coachella

As the last weekend of Coachella ends, hopefully so does all the terrible fashion…
Coachella is 2 weekends in a row, held annually in California. It’s an a arts and music festival that offers an unique array of artists. Everyone from Lorde to Calvin Harris appear on stage to entertain the thousands of fans that show up. There are three different venues, where over 100 artists play. However, the fashion isn’t the only thing that’s astonishing at Coachella, it’s the prices as well. General Admission is a jaw dropping, $375 while VIP is $799.
So what is it about this festival that makes people dress so terribly? Is it the prices? Is it the music? I really want to understand what is it about Coachella that makes fashionistas turn into bead wearing hippies!!
So lets talk fashion (obviously I didn’t attend Coachella, this is just speaking from Instagram pictures I saw and anything from the internet!).
Some of my favorite stars and their outfits were Selena Gomez, Jamie Chung, Shay Mitchell, and Julianne Hough. Selena rocked white shorts and a black bandeau under a beautiful white crocheted maxi dress, completed with a brimmed hat and combat boots. Simple with a touch of Coachella, something that more celebrities should have taken into consideration before getting dressed that day. Like Bella Throne, even though I adore her, her outfit looked like she stole it from the nearest Apache Tribe. She wore an unfitting brown fringed strappy top paired with tribal print shorts and black and white sandals. What was she thinking? The top is too small for her and the shorts are just extremely baggy. While her sandals are cute, they don’t go at all with the outfit. It’s just one big mess. Other celebrities outfits that left me with an “what the heck?!” face was Vanessa Hudgens, Kendal and Kylie, Paris Hilton, and Emma Roberts.
Coachella Music Festival Day 1rs_634x1024-140413081340-634.Jamie-Chung-Coachella.jl.041314rs_600x600-140413092655-600.Julianne-Hough-Coachella-Instagram.jl.041314
Amongst the many patterns, prints and celebrities that I obsessed over through instagram, there’s one other trend that caught my eye. Beading on the face and henna tattoos seemed to be more popular than Lorde at the Coachella festival this year. Everyone from celebs to normal fans were showing off this oh so hippie look. However, I do not think that this trend would leave the festival and would probably wash off by the time people get home. Although there is one trend that may leave the festival and continue into the fashion world. Kendal Jenner was spotted wearing a nose ring that was commonly worn at Indian Weddings. It wasn’t just some average nose ring however, it was huge and connected to her hear by a chain!
So I ask, like Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, keep it? Or make it stop?
I still haven’t found my reason as to why this festival is a reason to dress like a glorified hippie, but maybe one day after slaving away in retail, I could afford a ticket and hit up Coachella. But for now, I’ll just have to obsess over the pictures of celebrities just like every other normal person who did not attend.
Happy Obsessing!
Ps! Check out tumblr for some great Coachella pictures.

Eco-Friendly? or not so friendly…

The latest thing hitting the fashion world last month is H&M’s new line. According to Style.com, this new eco-friendly line is inspired by flamenco dancers and Spanish bullfighting. Some crazy fabrics include, vegetable tanned leather, tencel, and recycled polyester (ICK!).
Now for this just recently hitting the stores, it’s a pretty hard topic to research. Stlye.com says it’s offering everything from tailored jackets to wedding gowns, however on the H&M website, the collection part states it’s a desert inspired collection for the urban woman. SO WHICH IS IT H&M. Personally I like the whole Spanish bullfighter inspiration.
But let’s be honest, is this really saving us money? It may be helping H&M’s carbon footprint but is it helping our wallets? H&M has always perceived itself as being the fast fashion bargain hut, but in the past they have introduced designers, like VALENTINO and it hasn’t been affordable. Why does this time make it any different?
However, in further research I’ve found that there are two different collections to the eco-friendly line. There’s the collection and there’s the exclusive line. And here’s the dilemma, most H&M stores won’t even see those beautiful bull fighting embroidered jackets because those are the “high end” clothes, but you will see is the boho, Coachella inspired line that’s more affordable in stores. of course….
In my opinion? This is a great move for H&M, they are one of the largest retailers that use cotton fabrics but it doesn’t seem like the more “affordable” line will appeal to everyone. So in the end will it just be a huge bust? I’m excited to see how it plays out!
Let me know how you guys feel about this new collection!
Happy obsessing!

My Spring Wardrobe Wish List

Spring Wishlist
As the snow finally starts melt, and the sun comes out, it’s time to shave your legs and break out your spring clothes from what ever dusty area you shoved them in! 🙂
This spring I’m really into to A line or skater skirts.  I really like the silhouette of them and they look great on anyone!  In the picture above I have a bright yellow skater skirt paired with a #selfie shirt (in honor of the new song by the chain smokers;)) and some awesome floral high top sneakers from Forever 21.  That’s what I love about these skirts, you don’t always have to be all dressed up.  If you’re ready for a day of shopping with friends, this outfit it perfect for comfort while still looking stylish! Here’s some more examples!
The next thing I want in my closet is my new obsession, co-ords. I love the easiness yet flawless look to a co-ord. For those of you who are asking right now, what is she saying?! A co-ord is an outfit where the top matches the bottom.  Whether it’s a pattern or a plain color. I love the burgundy co-ord with its cut out shoulders and zippers on the pencil skirt.  The great thing about co-ords is you don’t have to be fancy with them, they can be simple yet chic with the right accessories. Kim K. always does this style right!!
1374617755-924ee0fb9293d85b8ee6dbb75d790d4a_copylargeActress Freida Pinto poses during a photocall
{all images are from google!}
I can tell my style has really evolved over the years because I used to hate when things were so matchy-matchy, and now I’d literally live in a co-ord with the right shoes!
Last but not least, I’m really into patterns, and mixing and matching.  While shopping this Spring, don’t be afraid to look at something and mix it with another pattern.  A lot of times when I’m shopping my sister will say, “but don’t you think this color is more for winter?”. And as I tell her EVERY time, WHO CARES. If you like it and it looks good on you, buy it.  Mix your colors and mix those patterns, find your own style, you can never go wrong!
 mix and match STYLELOVELYmix and match_STYLE LOVELY
I hope you guys are as inspired as I am to fill my closet this Spring!!
Happy Obsessing!
P.S. For inspiration I love to see what Olivia Palermo is wearing! 🙂 Check her out below wearing Valentino!


My First Post!!

Hey everyone! Who ever you are, if there is anyone really reading this. This is my first offical blog post! I’m brand new at this whole blog thing so hopefully I’m good at it.  I’m not a very interesting person, but I do love to write and look at pictures so I guess bloggin is for me!
Anywhooo. 🙂
My hopes for this blog is to kinda make it like a journal, but with fashion and beauty help! I really want to build connections with people whether it be people in the fashion world or simply a fellow geek who loves fashion! So please give comments and feedback, I’m here to learn too!
Hope you enjoy!
Happy Obsessing!